Excelling beyond the skies!

With an expert management team that is keen on delivering quality solutions and an above-standard service, we are proficiently interested in ensuring the best possible experience for our clients. Our team is a dedicated set of individuals who are thriving to guarantee excellent results for your traveling opportunities.

Mr. Karim Kamoun

Founder & CEO

World House Tourism is a destination management service that was founded by the current CEO Mr. Karim Kamoun. Mr. Karim was the renowned founder of Voyage 2000 in Tunisia where he began the start of his entrepreneurship and leadership skills. He holds an elaborate experience of more than 2 decades in the Travel industry.

Mr. Hisham Gamal

Business Development Director

Working as the Business Development Director for World House Tourism, Mr. Hisham has worked for 20 years in Egypt and UAE combined, as a Commercial Manager in several notable DMCs such as the ‘Meeting Point International’. His early career was focused and was related to the Travel industry. He gathered skills and in-depth knowledge from the beginning and has been productively implementing this in World House Tourism.

Mr. Mohamed Salah

Operations Manager

Our well-versed Operations Manager, Mr. M. Salah is a hardworking individual who came to the UAE in 2016. He has gathered experience in the Hospitality and Tourism industry since 2000. For over 20 years, Mr. M. Salah worked on handling effective operations and successful executions of multiple deals. Owing to his previous experience, he is a valuable asset to our World House Tourism.